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The Beach House Nicaragua Hostel / Albergue

Paseo del Rey, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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  • Bar
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  • Terraza al aire libre
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  • Tours/Información turistica
  • Translado de Aeropuerto
  • WiFi

Detalles de facturación / Detalles de Salida

Facturación más temprana: 13:00

Salida más tarde: 10:00


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San Juan del Sur, Rivas. Paseo del Rey, frente a ENACAL.
By taxi just to say: In front ENACAL facilities San Juan del Sur.

San Juan del Sur

is located in the most southern part of Nicaragua just 40 minutes from the Costa Rica border. This gives us two different international airports to travel from; Managua, Nicaragua and Liberia, Costa Rica. Both take about the same amount of time to travel from which is 2 hours more or less. Flying in to Managua is highly recommended and it is by far the easier of the two choices. Crossing the “Peñas Blanca” border from Liberia presents a timing variable which could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. The border crossing is quite the adventure and is not recommended for the first time traveler. Regardless of where you are coming from we can provide transportation to Coconut Surf Camp from both destinations. There are many ways of getting here to Coconut Surf Camp continue reading to find the right one for you.


Managua, Nicaragua

Express or Shared transport:
This is the easier, safest, and most time efficient way. Only $80 for up to 4 ppl. The travel time is +- 2 hours. Vehicle equipped with A/C and music, our drivers will meet you at the airport exit with a Coconut Surf sign with your first and last name. Its a door to door solution.

You will need to take a taxi first from the airport to Managua bus station. From there you may find a direct bus from Managua to San Juan del Sur, however most likely you will have to take a bus to Rivas and then from Rivas transfer and grab a bus to San Juan. It is definitely the cheapest way, $10 per person for the entire travel. Time consuming, this way is not recommended if you are arriving at night, or if you are not familiar traveling via buses in Central America. San Juan del Sur is very safe but Managua is a big city and one you do not want to get lost in.


Liberia, Costa Rica

If you are traveling to San Juan Del Sur Via Liberia, Costa Rica you will be transiting through the country and therefore will not need to pay the $28 exit tax. All tourists leaving costa rica are required to pay this tax. Since you will only be passing through Costa Rica you will be in transit. (24hrs or less) This means you need to advise your Customs Officer when landing in Liberia so they can input in the system that you are in transit and therefore do not charge you the exit tax. This is important for 2 reasons, it will avoid you paying but more importantly it will also avoid you the lineup at the border to pay the taxes, eliminating a step at the Peñas Blancas border. TIP: to save time and money remember these words, 'Voy para Nicaragua ahora mismo, estoy en transito'

Express or Shared transport:
We offer transportation from the Liberia airport directly to the border and then another transport waiting for you on the Nicaragua side to bring you directly to Coconut Surf Camp. The taxi from the airport to the border will cost you $80 and from the border to San Juan del Sur $25.

You can also take a taxi from the airport to Liberia bus station (+- $25) and from there take a bus to Penas Blancas border for $8 (maybe $4). After crossing the border, the rate for a taxi to San Juan is $25. So you’re looking at a total cost of $58 versus $105.


Crossing the Costa Rica Border

First you will arrive on the Costa Rican side where you will find your first building. When arriving at the border you will need to pay an exit tax (unless less you have been less than 24 hrs in Costa Rica) before seeing a customs officer. You will also need to fill out a small Immigration form that you can get from the customs officer for free or give $1 to the guys yelling at you outside. Once your “Impuesto de Salida” has been paid and you have filled out the “immigration” form you can head to the customs counter to Validate your Costa Exit Stamp.

Once you have your Costa Rica stamp you will need to walk about 300 meters through 'no mans land' to Nicaragua. While you are walking various security agents will check your passport to verify your stamp. Once you’re cleared, make your way to the Customs building where the Nicaraguan Official will stamp you passport and ask you to pay $12 entry tax. Once that’s done you’re steps away from Nicaragua.

Most foreign currencies are not accepted in Nicaragua and are very hard to exchange. You will need US dollars before arriving and try and have small bills $1 and $5 to facilitate payments and tips. Euros are accepted in certain places as well and can be changed at the bank, however we recommend bringing USD.

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