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Aracari Garden Hostel Hostel / Albergue

Costado sur de la plaza de fútbol, Tortuguero, Costa Rica


  • Consignas
  • WiFi gratis
  • Alquier de Secador de pelo
  • Cocina
  • Consigna
  • Cunas disponibles
  • Desayuno no incluido
  • Ducha con agua caliente
  • Intercambio de libros
  • Juegos de mesa
  • Limpieza de la habitación
  • Mapa de la ciudad gratuito
  • Microondas
  • Máquina para Té y Café
  • Nevera/Congelado
  • Recepción (horario limitado)
  • Ropa de cama incluida
  • Sala común
  • Terraza al aire libre
  • Toallas incluidas
  • Tours/Información turistica
  • WiFi
  • lámpara de lectura

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  • Se aceptan niños
  • Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito
  • Sin límite de hora
  • Impuestos no incluidos

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Mapa e Indicaciones para llegar


1. From San José to Cariari (by bus):
Buses from San José to Cariari depart from the Terminal Gran Caribe (or Terminal Caribeños) in San José. The trip takes about two hours. Cariari is the last stop.
Departure times: 06:30h, 09:00h, 10:30h, 13:00h (Later departures will not get you to Cariari on time to catch the last bus to La Pavona).
Tickets: Tickets are available for about $3, 50 / ₡1600 at the counter inside the terminal.
If you miss the direct bus to Cariari, there is the possibility to take a bus to Guapiles (departing from the same terminal) and in Guapiles another bus to Cariari.

2. From Cariari to La Pavona (by bus):
The buses to La Pavona wait at the Cariari bus terminal. There are nearly always people (guides or local people) at the terminal that can show you the right bus. In rare cases when there is nobody on site – look for buses stopping outside the terminal. Sometimes the bus to La Pavona stops in front of the bakery or the milk shake shop at the terminal (you can see both from inside the terminal). The trip takes about one hour. La Pavona is the last stop.
Departure times: 06:00h, 09:00h (only in high season), 11:30h, 15:00h
Tickets: The tickets are purchased on the bus. The driver comes through to take the money. The ticket costs about $2,20 / ₡1100.

3. From La Pavona to Tortuguero (by boat):
Boats to Tortuguero depart from La Pavona several times per day. The departures of the boats are coordinated with the arrivals of the buses and there are nearly always people receiving you and showing you the way to the boats. The boat trip takes between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on the water level of the river. But do not worry. The trip is wonderful. Tortuguero is the last stop.
Departure times: 07:00h, 11:00h (only in high season), 12:30h, 16:00h
Tickets: Tickets can be purchased in the restaurant at the counter with the sign Boletos' or directly in the boats of Coopetraca. The ticket costs about $3,20 / ₡1.600 and they charge $2/₡1.000 per luggage.

1. From San José to Cariari:
Take the road 32 from San José to Guapiles. In Guapiles follow the road 32 until you get to the petrol station Santa Clara. Turn left. After 8.1 km driving north turn left at the cross-way. Follow the train tracks for another 0.7 km and once getting to the main street turn right. After 10.4 km you arrive at Cariari.

2. From Cariari to La Pavona:
Follow the road passing through Cariari. After 7.1 km you reach a crossway. Turn right in direction to Campo Dos. Follow the signs to Campo Dos and Cuatro Esquinas. Follow the road to Cuatro Esquinas. After 8.9 km you get to the village Palacios. After the small grocery store Abast Palacio (on the right hand side) turn left. The way to the Tortuguero National Park is now indicated by signs. Follow the street for 5.7 km until getting to a building with old parking slots. Turn left and follow the road until getting to la Pavona (the road ends here). There are 24h guarded parking facilities in La Pavona. The price per day is about $10.

3. From La Pavona to Tortuguero (boat): See point 3. above.

The airlines Nature Air and Sansa operate flights to Tortuguero. The departure airport is San José. For prices and timetables please consult the home page or The airport of Tortuguero is about 10 minutes away from the center of the village. A taxi (boat) to the village costs about $12/person.

1. From Limón to Moin (bus or taxi):
Buses from the center of Limón to the harbor of Moin leave every hour from the bus terminal. The journey takes about 30 minutes and is operated by the bus company Tracasa.
Departure Times: every hour from 05:30h to 18:30h
Tickets: The tickets are purchased in the bus and cost less than $1 / ₡ 500.
Another option is to take a taxi. Costs are about $7 – $10.

2. From Moin to Tortuguero (boat):
At the harbor of Moin there are boats to Tortugero. The trip takes about four hours. Normally there is one connection per day, but it is recommendable to reserve one day in advance to assure availability and departure time. For reservations please contact us.
Departure time: 10:00h
Tickets: You pay the ticket to the captain once you arrive at the harbor of Moin. The ticket costs about 35$ one way and $70 round trip.

There is no direct road connecting Limón and Tortuguero. If you are travelling by car you have two options:
1. Leave your car at a guarded parking in Limón and go by boat (bus/taxi and boat) as described above.
2. Drive via Siquirres, Guapiles and Cariari to La Pavona following the description 'How to get there from San José'.

There is also the option to get directly (without having to change buses) to La Pavona with private minibus services from different parts of Costa Rica. This option is more expensive, but saves time and is more comfortable. The costs are between $55-$100. Just contact us if you are interested in that kind of transfer and it would be a pleasure to organizing it for you.

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